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My name is Michael C. Lawrence; I am the founder of Detroit C3. In my many tourist visits in various states, I have noticed there is a gap when it comes to getting specific information about an area.

I took a trip to Detroit two years ago; apparently, my luggage got misplaced at the airport and had to survive on my smartphone for two days until I got my luggage back which had all the required information that would necessitate my movement and stay in this city.

I noticed that there was little information. It was from this point that I asked myself How many people are going through the same challenge?

I vowed the problem ended with me. That was the background of the inception of this blog.


Our mission is to inform tourists about what they need, where to go, and why you need to visit specific places in Detroit.

Our focus is centered on tourism activities that help you enjoy your stay as a foreigner in a foreign land.


We want to see an informed nation. We want to stop the complaints that tourist has on lack of information about the area.