Detroit Facts

The Detroit Facts are not to be taken lightly. From its myriad of neighborhoods, each with their own unique flavor and personality; from the Motor City’s proud past as an automotive hub–a position it has held for many years before competitors like Volkswagen eventually surpassed them in production numbers thanks largely due also state incentives provided at one point during WWII that effectively gave away nearly everything needed by manufacturers save labor costs-“The D” nickname given after GM came back barely alive following bankruptcy proceedings where they remained untilGM emerged triumphantly rebranded once again-to today being home ground to so much more including music made here such hippie rockers The MC5 while having originally formed in 1964, but didn’t release their debut album Kick Out the Jams until three years later when they sold out an entire run of 200 copies that unfortunately for them were bought by just about everyone around Detroit including Wayne State University’s Little Theatre where most of the recording was actually made. A band whose music was greatly influenced by drug use which lead to their arrest on drug charges which caused them to miss a gig at the Grande Ballroom–which they were scheduled to co-headline with The Who.