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If you ever find yourself in the States of Michigan, Detroit should be your tourist destination. It’s a city that treats you with a range of tourist attraction sites that will make your trip memorable and fun.

Detroit borders Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. The marine environment welcomes you to an array of sceneries, both physical and aquatic features.

It’s a place you enjoy state of the art conference and accommodation facilities that complements your amazing holiday vacation.

Detroit C3 is a blog that promotes tourism and related activities in this city. We provide you with all the information you may need as a tourist.

We advise, inform and educate you on the matter of tourism in this land. Our team of writers have the blog goal at heart.

That is why you will get factual and reliable information that comes in handy to enhance your stay in this largest city of Michigan.

We want to provide content that is relevant and suitable for tourists to maximize their stay in Detroit.

Things to do in Detroit

The attraction sites in Detroit dictate what to do when in your visit here as a tourist.

If you need physically involving activities then its time to try the Michigan Ice Fest Climbing.

If that is not your passion, do you need a quiet environment away from the busy city life then you can enjoy the breeze at the Lake St. Clair?

Historians and cultural fans have several museums and cultural sites to visit and take notes as you learn the lives of the initial occupants of this city.

The artifacts and traditional regalia in the museums is an eye-opening session of what it entails to live in the world in the early centuries.

You can’t forget the family fan moments you can enjoy in various tourist destination sites.

Others include

  • Ice skating
  • Rock climbing
  • Site seeing of wildlife
  • Nature walks in the park trails
  • Golf playing
  • Shopping
  • Cultural festivals
  • Nightlife activities

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Tips On Where To Stay While Visiting Detroit 

Tips On Where To Stay While Visiting Detroit 

When planning a trip to Detroit, Michigan, it is important to consider where you plan on staying. Whether you are looking for the perfect hotel or just a convenient place to crash after exploring all that Detroit has to offer, there are plenty of options available in...

The Top Tourist Attractions In Detroit

The Top Tourist Attractions In Detroit

There's plenty to see and do in Detroit, from exploring the city's rich history to enjoying its many cultural attractions. For visitors looking for a taste of Motor City, here are some of the top tourist attractions in Detroit. The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of...

Detroit Facts

Detroit Facts

The Detroit Facts are not to be taken lightly. From its myriad of neighborhoods, each with their own unique flavor and personality; from the Motor City's proud past as an automotive hub--a position it has held for many years before competitors like Volkswagen...

Why Visit Detroit

Why Visit Detroit

Detroit is a hot travel destination for the following reasons. Best spot for business travel If you are looking for a business destination where you get to learn how money brings money in an economy, then this is the place to be. It is a top city that comes with...

Must-visit places in Detroit

  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant
  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
  • Historic Fort Wayne
  • Comerica Park
  • Pewabic Pottery
  • Detroit Historical Museum
  • Motown Museum
  • Henry Ford Estate

You can’t afford to say you have visited this continent when in your list Detroit city doesn’t appear.

Talk to us and let us know what you need in your next tourist expedition in Detroit. We have more than enough information that will make your stay enjoyable and memorable. We give you first-hand information from the horse’s mouth.

The dos and don’ts kind of content is valuable to help you in the preparation process.

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