The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) is a joint initiative between Business Leaders for Michigan and the College for Creative Studies.  Leadership from both organizations serve on the DC3’s Governing Council.


An Advisory Board of 29 industry, corporate and community leaders inform DC3 strategy and support DC3 programming.


DC3 maintains partnerships with the state’s leading design professional organizations to provide opportunities for metropolitan Detroit’s creative community to connect, grow and amplify impact.

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CCS is a nonprofit, private college located in midtown Detroit. With world-class faculty and unsurpassed facilities, The College is a major supplier of talent to industries, such as transportation, film and animation, advertising and communications, consumer electronics, athletic apparel, and more.
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BLM is the state’s business roundtable, composed of the chairpersons, CEOs or most senior executives of the state’s largest job providers and universities. BLM’s work is concentrated on developing strategy, raising awareness, advocating policy and championing initiatives that grow the state's economy.
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Abir Ali, Designer and Partner, Ali Sandifer Studio


Amelia Ellenstein, Vice President, Brand Strategy and Digital Commerce, Art Van Furniture


Barb Rozman-Stokes, Group Director, Agency Talent Management, Campbell-Ewald


Cezanne Charles, Director of Creative Industries, Creative Many Michigan


Chandra Moore, Principal, co-G Studio; Board Member, American Institute of Architects, Detroit Chapter


Chris Firestone, President / Chief Creative Officer, PIXO


Cindy Thieme, Media and Management Consultant; Adjunct Faculty, Oakland University


Cornelius Harris, Label Manager, Underground Resistance; Founder, Alter Ego Management


Craig Mackiewicz, Chair, Industrial Design Society of Michigan


David Rice, Founder and Chairman, Organization of Black Designers


F. Thomas Lewand, Group Executive for Jobs and Economic Growth, Mayor Michael E. Duggan, City of Detroit


Fay Beydoun, Executive Director, American Arab Chamber of Commerce


Gunalan Nadarajan, Dean, University of Michigan Penny W Stamps School of Art and Design


Huburt Sawyers, Digital Marketing Producer and Strategist


Jeevak Badve, VP Strategic Growth, Sundberg Ferar


Jenny Lee, Executive Director, Allied Media Projects


Kenyetta Bridges, Director, Business Development, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation


Kimmy Parker, President, American Institute of Graphic Artists Detroit


LaShirl Turner, Design Chief / Head of Color & Materials, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


Marc Schwartz, Principal, Royce Ventures; Acting Chairman, Art Detroit Now


Melanie Davis, Executive Director, Adcraft Club of Detroit


Michele Silvestri, Executive Vice President, Global Design Director, Team Detroit


Nina Bianchi, Partner, The Work Department


Oliver Ragsdale, President and Artistic Director, The Carr Center


Paul Riser, Managing Director, Technology-Based Entrepreneurship, TechTown


Rufus Bartell, Founder / Brand Manager, RBI Group


Saundra Little, Principal, Centric Design Studio; Board Member, National Organization of Minority Architects


Scott Reid, Executive Creative Director, The Mars Agency


Sooshin Choi, Provost, College for Creative Studies


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